Monday, October 6, 2014

Brain Pyramid - Chasma Hideout Available!

Cosmonauts! Chasma Hideout, the stunning debut album by Brain Pyramid is now available for download from our Bandcamp! Name Your Price, as in the best Acid Cosmonaut Records tradition!
There are also physical copies available!

"They have a structured but still jammy approach, as the Sabbathian beginning of “Lucifer” unfolds topped with psychedelic guitar effects swirl, and a crisply layered production that results in a fat, front-of-the-speaker kind of sound."
The Obelisk

"The whole album is one massive jam-based exercise in noise and volume and when Brain Pyramid unleash the noise they become a more frightening prospect in the realm of Stoner/Psych Rock. Brain Pyramid add elements of 60s/70s based Psychedelic sounds and noises which gives this album an adventurous and exciting feel to it."
The Sludgelord

"Capturing the spirit of jamming out in the country-side and lathering it up with some toothy distortion and sweet-finger licks, there's a lot of unruly and vibrant energy coursing through the album as it riffs and rips all over the place."
Ride with the Devil

"At times it feels like one massive glorious jam but throughout there is an enterprise and inventiveness which just as potently leaves senses basking and passions greedy. If the album is your introduction to Brain Pyramid, be prepared for one ruggedly spellbinding ride."
The Ringmaster Review

"With more emphasis on the ‘heavy’ part of the ‘Heavy Psychedelic’ genre come France’s face-melting trio Brain Pyramid with an album full of free-flowing thick heavy riffs, warped out guitar bending, and masterfully crafted songs to unite acid droppers and dope rollers the world over."
Heavy Planet

Saturday, August 16, 2014

And now... Brain Pyramid!

We're stoked to announce our next release: Chasma Hideout, the debut album by French Heavy Psych trio Brain Pyramid!

Brain Pyramid was formed in November 2012, in Rennes (Brittany—France). This is the initiative of the actual lead guitarist Gaston Lainé and the drummer Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo.
Influenced by the sweet old rock n roll (Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Sabbath, Motörhead, Blue Cheer, etc.), but also by stoner rock and actual psychedelic scene (Kyuss, Sleep, Nebula, Earthless, Orange Goblin, etc.) they decided to create a band to play like these masters.
After the release of their first EP Magic Carpet Ride, the former bassman left his place to Ronan Grall, spiritual Guru from the French Doom band Huata. Then they toured in Spain, Portugal, France, having some great gigs with bands like Blues Pills, The Atomic Bitchwax, Prisma Circus, Cuzo, Fungus...
Brain Pyramid is a Heavy Bluesy Stoner Psychedelic Rock And Roll band. They play loud enough to make you feel like blown by a LSD dose. They are actually searching for lots of gigs to expend their experience and grow up to the sun.
Chasma Hideout will be released this October. Stay tuned on our pages for updates!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

With a little help from my Cosmonauts!

ITA  Cosmonauti! Il 22 maggio 2014 la nostra etichetta raggiungerà il suo secondo anno di vita. Dopo quattro produzioni, 1200 iscritti alla nostra newsletter e numerose recensioni positive, non abbiamo nessuna intenzione di fermarci e puntiamo a potenziarci ulteriormente come realtà. Ma abbiamo bisogno anche del vostro aiuto. Per tutto il mese di maggio ci saranno vari modi in cui potete darci una mano:
• acquistando uno dei nostri pacchetti anniversario, che comprendono quattro cd ed una maglietta a vostra scelta (disponibili per i primi cinquanta acquirenti)
• donando tramite la nostra pagina Bandcamp, che per il solo mese di maggio avrà tutti gli album al prezzo di 1 € (può sembrare supefluo, ma se ognuno di voi iscritti donasse almeno una volta l'anno avremmo di che finanziarci senza problemi)
• acquistando un qualsiasi prodotto del nostro merchandise, disponibile a prezzi modici sul nostro Bandcamp
Abbiamo molti progetti in cantiere, ma il vostro supporto è fondamentale per vederli realizzati e per permetterci di continuare a rendere la nostra musica disponibile per tutti. Ci risentiamo a giugno per sapere i risultati di questa campagna, nel mentre... stay psych!

P.S. Oh, e non dimenticate di tenere d'occhio la nostra pagina Facebook... concorso in arrivo!

EN  Cosmonauts! On May 22 our label will reach its second year of life. After four productions, 1200 subscribers to our newsletter and numerous positive reviews, we have no intention of stopping and we aim to empower us as reality. But we also need your help. For the entire month of May there will be a number of ways in which you can help us out :
• buying one of our anniversary packages, which include four CDs and a t-shirt of your choice (available for the first fifty buyers)
• donating via our Bandcamp page, which for the month of May will have all the albums for the price of 1 € (may seem awkard, but if each of you donate something once a year, we could finance us without problems)
• by purchasing any product of our merchandise, available at reasonable prices on our Bandcamp
We have many projects in the pipeline, but your support is crucial to see them realized and to allow us to continue to make our music available to everyone. See you again in June to know the results of this campaign, in the meanwhile ... stay psych !

P.S. Oh, and don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page... giveaway contest coming soon!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mindwarp is Out!

Cosmonauts! Mindwarp' selftitled debut EP is finally out! As usual, is available for full streaming and download (Name Your Price!) on our Bandcamp Page! Physical copies can be purchased at our Bigcartel!

"I'm a real sucker for short 'n spacey desert gems and this little EP is definitely one of them. It won't break any records but it is a warm and honest instrumental offering to massage your ears and mind. For fans of small and hidden sonic treasures around here in the likes of Brujas del Sol and Atomic Vulture."

"Information is scant on this band and so to bring you any background is slightly difficult. That may actually be a good thing though as the music we have on offer here is alien and strange and sounds like it has come from another time. The 1970's to be precise and that is not a bad thing at all. This is a prime slice of psych rock that has more than enough eclecticism about it to avoid being derivative. It's also a mighty fine blast and one that should reverberate around your ears as it pummels through your speakers."
Echoes and Dust

"Filled with whiffs of older sounds and fuzz, Mindwarp keep it pretty fat-free while bringing in some bluesy stoner and desert vibes, and an occasional bit o’ funky in the bottom end that add some nutrition. Though more inclined to slowly burning one over the rubber, Mindwarp still manage to get off the couch."
Sunrise Ocean Bender

"Italy appears to be a breeding ground for psychedelic stoner bands. Instrumental psychonauts Mindwarp step up to the plate next to fellow countrymen Doctor Cyclops, Manthra Dei and Black Rainbows with their debut self-titled EP. With four tracks to convince you of their musical prowess, Mindwarp go for an all enveloping sound spectrum, from ambient and smooth to fingerlicking good riffing."
The Thundering Giant

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Upcoming Release: Mindwarp

Cosmonauts! We're stoked to announce that on February 21 we'll release our 4th production, the self-titled EP by Mindwarp! And here's the preview!