Monday, October 6, 2014

Brain Pyramid - Chasma Hideout Available!

Cosmonauts! Chasma Hideout, the stunning debut album by Brain Pyramid is now available for download from our Bandcamp! Name Your Price, as in the best Acid Cosmonaut Records tradition!
There are also physical copies available!

"They have a structured but still jammy approach, as the Sabbathian beginning of “Lucifer” unfolds topped with psychedelic guitar effects swirl, and a crisply layered production that results in a fat, front-of-the-speaker kind of sound."
The Obelisk

"The whole album is one massive jam-based exercise in noise and volume and when Brain Pyramid unleash the noise they become a more frightening prospect in the realm of Stoner/Psych Rock. Brain Pyramid add elements of 60s/70s based Psychedelic sounds and noises which gives this album an adventurous and exciting feel to it."
The Sludgelord

"Capturing the spirit of jamming out in the country-side and lathering it up with some toothy distortion and sweet-finger licks, there's a lot of unruly and vibrant energy coursing through the album as it riffs and rips all over the place."
Ride with the Devil

"At times it feels like one massive glorious jam but throughout there is an enterprise and inventiveness which just as potently leaves senses basking and passions greedy. If the album is your introduction to Brain Pyramid, be prepared for one ruggedly spellbinding ride."
The Ringmaster Review

"With more emphasis on the ‘heavy’ part of the ‘Heavy Psychedelic’ genre come France’s face-melting trio Brain Pyramid with an album full of free-flowing thick heavy riffs, warped out guitar bending, and masterfully crafted songs to unite acid droppers and dope rollers the world over."
Heavy Planet

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