Saturday, November 7, 2020

Stream Tomorr's debut!

Yesterday was Tomorr's release day! You can listen and purchase this masterpiece of rural doom on our Bandcamp!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Gaze into Tomorr's Grazing Lands

Acid Cosmonaut Records is pleased to announce the release of Tomorr's debut album.

Born in Empoli in 2017, the trio takes its name from the mountain that rises above Berat, the city of 1001 windows; inspired by traditional Albanian music (whose language they inherit in some of their lyrics), their sounds are rooted in the harshest doom metal, burdened with tribal rhythms and dark atmospheres.

The images and settings of the band come to life in ruins carved by ancient customs, the slowness and fatigue of old gestures of a rural world that gives nothing away. A hymn to the most isolated villages, where stone still wins over concrete.

   1. Kaba
    2. Vargmal
    3. Varr
    4. Grazing Land
    5. Terra
    6. The 1001 Windows Village

Tomorr will be released on 6/11/2020
Preorder from 14/10/2020 on

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Directly from the sardinian west coast, comes the second, new evil EP from Greenthumb.
Three tracks of pure stoner/doom, for all fans of Goatsnake, Windhand and Electric Wizard.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Howdy Cosmonauts! We're glad to introduce you our last coproduction, a dark split album between two Italian sludge/drone behemots, Gufonero and La Cuenta.
Available on vinyl and recommend to all the fans of darkest atmospheres.

Monday, October 17, 2016

DSW - Tales from the Cosmonaut is available for pre-order!

After four long years, Italian stoner rockers DSW are finally ready to reveal to the world their second studio album: Tales from the Cosmonaut will be released by Acid Cosmonaut Records on January 2017. Seven brand new songs able to cover all the ranges of modern heavy psych, showing the evolution of their style, achieved also thanks to a large number of gigs supporting acts like like Elder, Mos Generator, Mutoid Man, Zippo, L'Ira del Baccano, Void of Sleep, Karl Marx was a Broker and Anuseye.
The album is yet available for preorder on our Bandcamp page and it’s the first production of the label available on vinyl! The preorder is limited for the first 50 buyers, that will obtain:
- A hand numbered copy of the album on vinyl
- The immediate download of two tracks
- A CD copy of Dust Storm Warning, the first DSW album
- A link to download a digital copy of a special EP recorded during the Tales from the Cosmonaut sessions, that will be available only for this occasion
- Random bonus material, like pins and miniposters
Two songs from the album (El Chola and Acid Cosmonaut) are yet available for streaming: prepare to be psychically assaulted!